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Old Man Jack
Johnny Horner aka “Jack” to friends and family alike is an artist of many facets. As a Musician and honest-to-goodness Country Fan, Jack does lyrics for fellow musicians, “kisses tin (plays the Blues Harp [harmonica])”, plays the drums as well as other percussion instruments and sings. Unbeknownst to some of his acquaintances, Jack is—actually—a “mean” Chef who performs what he calls, “Kitchen Magic” and could whip up a storm upon request! As a matter of fact, he had Bested 2nd (out of 14 contestants) in a Cooking Showdown he had last participated in. Being the Country Boy that he is, Jack is also a really nifty Craftsman when it comes to messing around with wood. As a Photographer, Jack Horner has participated in a couple of Group Art Exhibits. His first, was at the Baguio Museum in Baguio City, Philippines; and his second, at a friend’s Food, Music and Art Bar. Jack currently lives by his lonesome save for Sofia his loyal Black Labrador, Wisdom, his beloved Turkish Angora Cat and—the most recent addition to Jack’s Own Li’l Family—Faith, The Li’l Kitty. Being a Christian, Jack firmly believes that we should all be Good Stewards of all of God’s Creation. Hence, the reason why he cares for animals and tends to other people’s gardens (whom he fondly calls, “His Kids”) aside from his own and besides his different Advocacies. Yep Ladies, Jack shore is one of them most eligible among all Eligible Bachelors in his Hometown SO HURRY!!! (Ha! Ha! Ha! –KdG.W)