Written by

James Jordan
Having been born and raised in a small town in Austin, Texas, James Jordan McIntyre, also known as "Jojo" by his friends and family, grew up having country music a great influence to his life. Jojo eats music for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He considers music an escape-to-the-real-world thingy. Music for him is the soul and heart of mankind. This Texan native is also very passionate about arts and poetry. Jojo likes drawing and sketching whenever he's bored; writes poems and short stories whenever he's on the go. Putting his thoughts together creates a side of Jojo that is poignant yet sweet, strong yet subtle. In addition, Jojo is an advocate of culture preservation. He believes that amidst all the diversity and change happening in the modern era, one must be onguard with his/her identity. Linguistically inclined, Jojo earned his AB International Studies Major in American Studies at Stanford University in California. In addition, He is bilingual. He can speak both English and Spanish fluently (and a little French). When he's not writing or rocking out, he enjoys dancing to the beat of music, getting lost in the great outdoors and being crazy.